Kitchen Cleaning – A How-To-Guide

During the winter, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it’s cooking hearty meals, warming up, or just socializing. As with any room, the more a household uses it, the more it could use a spring clean. Because of the materials used in them, kitchens are generally easy to cleanse from top to bottom, mostly because households have all of the necessary cleaning aids as it is a crucial place to keep on top of health and hygiene throughout the year.

Before starting any cleaning, it’s important to examine the pipes, drains and taps in the kitchen to ensure there is no need for any drain cleaning or repairs or that you break out the drain rods from the shed. Once all of the plumbing is checked and any repairs made, cleaning can commence. 

Cleaning out the cupboards
The start of the warmer weather gives homeowners the opportunity to clean out the kitchen and the first place to start is its cupboards. Cupboards gather a lot of clutter over the years, with out-of-date tins and spices. Cleaning them out properly, at least, once a year is important, not only from a cleanliness perspective, but also for the health of residents.

Tackle the appliances
Kitchens have a great number of appliances in them, from fridges, stoves, ovens, microwave ovens and food processors, to toasters and coffee machines. These appliances, as a result of usage, storage and perhaps only seasonal use, will need a good cleaning and checking to make sure they are all working properly. Lastly, unpack the fridge and give it a thorough cleaning on the inside, thaw the freezer, the oven may also need a scrub, as will the inside of all the cupboards in the kitchen.

Once the cupboards and appliances are taken care of, the surfaces in the kitchen should also be cleaned, polished or just washed, depending on the material. A clean kitchen is important in every home, if there’s food involved the space needs to be clean and what better way to start the summer than with a spotless kitchen?

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