KW Christmas Meeting in Woodstock, GA!

KW Christmas Meeting! Periodically, The Mountain Life Team travels to our KW brokerage office in Woodstock to soak up some of the trainings, ideas, and just to hodge-podge with other KW Teams in general.  Well, we knew it would be high energy and very motivational around the holiday time but little did we know that it would be quite like this! Our Broker – Stephanie Nielson really set the stage to motivate & encourage all the Real Estate Teams that were present.  You see, it’s not always easy in this industry.  There are highs & lows of course and this time of the season is generally a little low so that extra encouragement from your KW broker and your affiliate teams goes a long way.

So what did they do?


Our Cheery Elf beside Santa of course!

Well we were greeted with Elves decked out in their wacky Christmas elf costumes serving cookies to anyone who would partake so that’s was a great start. The theme was “Ugly Christmas Sweater” with a competition for the ugliest Christmas sweater.  As you can imagine, there were light – up sweaters, crazy sox & headbands and an array of homemade sweaters adorned with ornaments, ribbons and the like.  Yes…it was truly festive!  The winners were chosen & drawings were held as we stuffed ourselves with sausage balls & turkey/mustard rolls while listening to a very heart-felt message from Stephanie Neilson- our broker herself.  She compared all of us to a snowflake…using scientific facts that we are all different, just like the snowflakes and shared with us new trivia that snowflakes can “change” their make-up or structure depending on the environment they’re falling into which is the same for realtors (or should be the same).  She also painted a picture of how powerful the snowflakes are when enough are together & how they can impact their environment.  Again, much like realtors who find “homes” for families who really need them – we have the power to impact their environment.  Wow….I’ve heard a lot of speeches and some far more astute, professional & clever for sure but none more heartfelt and touching.  You see, I’m learning that KW is a different kind of company…Stephanie really “meant” what she said and it seemed to resonate throughout the audience of realtors.  She even got a little choked-up.  This wasn’t just some business like motivation…she really cared about her teams and their future well-being.  In fact, nothing was mentioned about ROI or production or anything like that.  And in this day and age I find that extremely refreshing.

Thanks Stephanie for providing a culture that’s more about true care and support and positive reinforcement than about company standards and protocol.  KW is really proving to be a great company!

MERRY CHRISTMAS…from The Mountain Life Team | Keller Williams Realty Partners |706-633-8186

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