Labor Day Trivia!!

So here’s some Labor Day trivia to stump all your family & friends as they’re gather around enjoying the traditional cook-out, camping or whatever you festivities you do! Enjoy!     

When was the first Labor Day parade held in the United States?

Answer: September 5, 1882 in New York City

Which US President signed the bill making Labor Day a National Holiday and what Year? 

Answer: Grover Cleveland, under pressure from voters, signed the legislation in 1894

Who is the Father of Labor Day in America?

Answer: Peter McGuire – founder of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America; credited with first proposing the idea of Labor Day as a national holiday in 1882Labor Day

When Was The First Labor Strike in America?

Answer: Many believe 1872 and others say 1886. Still others contend the first labor strike in America was in 1836 when a group of fishermen refused to work after the owner of their boats failed to pay them; in 1872 – Peter McGuire and 100,000 workers took to the streets in one of the largest worker strikes the nation had seen; in 1886 – the Haymarket Riots in Chicago occurred.

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