Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

So we totally get it!  It’s just a couple of days before Halloween…and your intentions have been to pick up a costume for you, your kids or possibly for the whole family BUT between work, church, volunteering and your kids sports activities, it just hasn’t gotten done.  Sound familiar?  Well, it’s gonna be ok…we have all the answers!  Here are 22 genius Halloween ideas that you can whip up last minute that will make your life easier.  Our friends at Woman’s Day have it all together and we would like to share some of our favorites with you!  See more of their clever ideas HERE!

Share your favorite DIY Halloween Costumes with us!  Have a great Halloween Weekend and enjoy the mountain life.  The Mountain Life Team | Keller Williams Realty Partners  706-745-3123 or [email protected]  #DIY  #Halloween  #TMLT

1. Who couldn’t love Tourists??  Go as a couple or a single tourist will work fine. Don’t have a flowered shirt? No problem..go to a local thrift store and grab the tackiest one you can find, buy a lei from your favorite department store, strap a camera around your neck and add shades and a hat & voila!  Instant Tourist!



2.  A Bulletin Board – So this will take a bit of written work but you can ask your friends to help you so you the hand writing will be different.  Bring extra to reapply when the sticky wears out on!



3.  A Runaway Bride – Add sneakers & sweatbands and keep it running!



4. A Movie Theatre Floor – Black sweatshirt, black toboggan and run by your local theatre and ask for some candy boxes and some popcorn to hot-glue to your sweatshirt!



5. 50 Shades Of Gray – Go to the local paint store or Home Maintenance store and grab some paint samples to tape all over you! Don’t forget the gray tie!


Remember to share your favorite DIY Halloween Costumes with us!  Enjoy the Mountain Life!!


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