Looking for Adventure – North Georgia’s Newest Zipline Canopy Tour

If you are a person that loves thrills, there is no doubt ziplining may be for you. Zipline Canopy Tours of Blue Ridge, is the newest in the industry and already rated one of best.  Angie Arp, owner of Ocoee Rafting, has a background in knowing exactly what types of fun her customers are looking for.  Her dream was to provide another exciting adventure right here in Fannin County, her home community.  There is no doubt she has done that!

Zipline Canopy Tours of Blue Ridge is only 6 miles from downtown Blue Ridge making it very convenient to visit the local shops and restaurants such as Whistle Stop Grille after you have soared on a cable through the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.  This zipline is amazing in that it offers 13 zips (over 1 mile of cable), 12 canopy decks (20-65 feet high), 3 sky bridges, 2 towers (35 to 75 ft tall).  All of this is in a gorgeous mountain setting of 165 acres!  During this adventure, you will experience the mountains from the treetops, fly over pastures, soar over Fighting Town Creek, go through the valley and much more.

One of the most important things in ziplining is safety. The Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) designed this course as well as heavily trained and certified the tour guides.  Even if you are inexperienced in ziplining, they make sure you attend “ground school” first where you learn all about safety. You will be harnessed up properly and then take the stairs to the first wooden tower. From there, you will begin to experience a thrill like no other!  I have a feeling you may want to enjoy this more than once in a lifetime!


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