Mother’s Day at the Orchards!! – Blue Ridge

mothers-day-flowers-2Are you still wondering what would be fun to do for Mother’s Day?  Last week I blogged about a variety of ideas.  Here is another one that would be tons of fun and there is still time to sign up!  Have you had the opportunity to visit Mercier’s Orchard in Blue Ridge?   Definitely a bucket list item if you have not!

You have a choice to celebrate Mom on Saturday or Sunday at Merciers.  This Saturday, May 11th, get your big hat ready for the Mother’s Day Tea. The tea runs from 11:30 – 2:00. For $15 per adult and $10 per child, you can ride a tractor through the orchards and receive an assortment of teas and finger sandwiches!

Also on Saturday, there is a cooking class for kids to cook for mom.  That runs from 3 to 5pm.  Cost is $25 for first child and $20 for any additional children.  This class will focus on making spaghetti, pasta sauce and dessert.  Should be fun for the kids and a special treat for mom.  If Saturday is not good for you, try the brunch on Sunday from 7 to 1pm.

Don’t worry dads…there is something special coming up for you for Father’s Day as well!  Hope you get to enjoy a great weekend at  Merciers.  More importantly, enjoy time with mom in whatever you do!

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