Options for Buying a Home After a Foreclosure Open Up

Recovery“Time flies when you’re having a good time” we hear. But time can also pass quickly for those who’ve had to go through difficult times. Case in point is a million and a half borrowers who have recently experienced the pain of a foreclosure. That’s the estimated number of those who, by this time next year, will have waited long enough to again become eligible for an FHA loan.

 Anyone interested in buying a Blairsville Georgia home after a foreclosure has come through a tough period. The standard waiting period for an FHA-guaranteed loan is 3-4 years following a foreclosure or short sale (though individual circumstances vary). Now that the weeks and months have ticked by, this sizable crop of newly eligible prospective ‘boomerang buyers’ may soon find themselves contemplating the option of buying a home after a foreclosure.

That estimate of the size of the newly eligible was provided by Moody’s Analytics. Since they are key players in determining creditworthiness, it’s a source I trust. A chart of Moody’s count from the second quarter in 2011 (when their number was a mere 285,000) to next year’s second quarter 1,500,000 provides a convincingly uphill slope.

 Still, being eligible to apply does not mean automatically qualifying for an FHA (or any other) loan. Success in buying a Blue Ridge, GA. home after a foreclosure continues to depend on the same standards that always apply. After the waiting game is over, having cured credit damage will become the prime requirement.

To increase their chances of successfully buying a home after a foreclosure, Blairsville, GA. prospects will have paid existing credit card and loan debts with the kind of unfailing regularity that reassures loan officers and credit analysts alike. If that hasn’t been the case, the time to begin is ASAP.

Website Zillow predicts the next most influential group of buyers will be those who are looking to buy a home after a foreclosure or short sale. North Georgia Mountain residents who are among them — and who are ready to make this their turnaround season — should give me a call. We can get started with the pre-approval process!

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