Foldable Speakers Are Perfect For Your Office

OrigAudio cityscape speakersFold-up speakers for your MP3 players?  You better believe it.  OrigAudio’s Eco-friendly Fold-N-Play speakers let you take your favorite play lists on the road to your office, hotel rooms and the beach.

Made from recycled materials, the Fold-N-Play speakers and arrives in a similarly-recycled box. It’s two, flat pieces of cardboard with embedded speakers and an attached cable.  There’s no batteries.

All you need is a headphone jack.

Follow the enclosed instructions to convert the speakers into 3-inch cubes of sound.  Then, when you’re done, fold them back up and slip them into your laptop sleeve.  The 1-watt sound won’t rival a home stereo system, but will outperform most internal laptop speaker sets.

The OrigAudio Fold-N-Play made Time Magazine’s list of 50 Best Inventions of 2009. It sells for $20 per set, or $80 for all 6 available styles.

Visit the OrigAudio website at

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