Playin’ with Paint this Fall!

imagesEveryone knows that paint is one of the easiest ways to transform a room or piece of furniture. But paint can be used very creatively to accent a room and can really “make” a room have a modern, traditional or completely eclectic.  Whether you put this liquid mood-maker on a chair, wall or even down the stairway, it’s still the least expensive way to create a mood in whatever living area you deem necessary. Have you ever walked into a room feeling one way and came out with your mood changed completely?  Well I know I have! Whether it’s a nice calm blue or a radiant red, it seems that these colors set a tone.  Check out some of these Fall Color Trends compliments of HGTV to spruce up your home with paint.  That’s right – just paint!  Learn some of our favorite techniques and start having fun with paint.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this helpful home improvement tip…and feel free to share any cool painting ideas you may have tried in your home! Email us your pics & we’ll post it on FB!

Remember to enjoy Fall in the North Georgia mountains and if you’d like to make these beautiful hills your home…call us or schedule an appointment to let the journey begin.  706-633-8186.  Enjoy Laid-back luxury in North Georgia!


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