Preparing Your North Georgia Mountain Home for a Virtual Tour

Virtual-Tour-300x222Putting your Blue Ridge, GA. home up for sale makes you a key player in a marketing team led by your North Georgia Mountain Real Estate Agent. But you don’t have to attend seminars on salesmanship or study the latest marketing best seller to make valuable contributions to your team: heeding a few guiding principals will take care of that.

One of the most valuable is simply this: great marketers know they should appeal to the widest market possible. Today, we can attract a much wider market than ever before — from across the nation to (amazingly enough) buyers around the globe! It’s due to an increasingly popular tool: the virtual tour on the Web.

Because a standout virtual tour doesn’t just happen by itself, here are some fundamentals for preparing the most effective Georgia Mountain Home Virtual Tours:

  • Disorderly rooms as viewed through any old webcam don’t make the grade. Remember that details you see as assets may be perceived as clutter when viewed through the camera’s lens. This can include personal pictures, books, ornaments and toys. When your home is free from clutter, potential buyers can much more easily picture themselves living in it.
  • Make sure your furniture is placed to communicate the appearance of spacious, open areas. This may means being willing to move furniture — even pieces that actually look great in person — away from the middle of the room. 
  • Since taste is an individual matter, it is hard to present a color scheme that appeals to everyone who views your Blairsville, GA. virtual tour. The most universal rule of thumb is to stick to neutral color combinations. While you may love a vibrant blue wall, others may see it as an unwelcome chore — on extra thing they will have to change were they to purchase your home. In contrast, neutral colors can present a blank canvass.

Getting your virtual tour right means showing a pleasing series of comprehensive views that are neat and minimally but attractively furnished. Looking for a Blue Ridge Georgia agent with the right tools to help you sell for top dollar this summer? I’m happy to interview for that job!

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