Preventative Maintenance Is Profitable – November Tips

Preventative Maintenance Tips from our good friends over at BPM Home Watch, a valuable resource for all Home Owners. Below is a list of Do-It-Yourself Home Tips for the month of November that will help keep more money in your pockets. So consider the following for increasing your home efficiency.


  1. Clean rear refrigerator coils, evaporator pan underneath, and lower grill with vacuum and brush.
  2. De-stench sink disposal with a cup of ice and 1/4 cup of baking soda, then tumble.
  3. Maintain interior wood items – indoor air will be the dries during this time of year. use light mildew preventative and then polish.
  4. Purge roof line and gutters of all leaves, debris and moss once all leaves have dropped.
  5. Clean lawn of all leaves, as acid of wet leaves will prevent Spring growth.
  6. Have BPM winterize plumbing lines, and water heater if vacating for winter. All indications are for an unseasonably cold Winter for 2012!
  7. Add insulating covers to all outside water spigots.
  8. Winter is prime time to elevate tree limbs and top damaged trees.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like any assistance completing any of these preventative maintenance tips above, please contact Robert at 706.835.6295

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