Professional Home Staging: Numbers Tell the Tale

The Mountain Life Team Blogger October 2, 2014

If you are selling a North Georgia home this Fall, you may want to engage a staging Boost-Your-Homes-10-300x189professional to make your house look its best.”

If cost weren’t a factor, most everyone would agree with that advice. But is staging really worth the price? Can staging in North Georgia actually help you sell your home? Of course, without being able to predict the future, a definitive answer isn’t possible. But there are at least three convincing reasons why a North Georgia home seller should at least consider making the investment:

  • Money

A recent study by a leading national real estate company found that staged homes sold for over 6% more than did unstaged homes. We’re used to seeing this kind of statistic offered by staging professionals themselves, but this time it’s confirmed by a less-interested source. One reason could be that a staged home feels like more than an empty box. A staged home can help buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. The result is higher perceived value—the key to more motivated offers.

  • Time

The same study showed that staged homes sold twice as quickly as their non-staged counterparts. Well-executed staging can subtly communicate the kind of professionalism that instills trust: these people know what they’re doing. Chalk the swifter sales up to eager buyers whose sales resistance is lowered by the staged home environment.

  • The Online Factor

Imagine this: You are comparing two online listings for homes. Although they have similar features in the same price range, one seems sterile and empty, the other well-maintained and impeccably designed. Which home would you want to buy? With the prevalence of online listings, it’s becoming more and more important to have a photogenic home—one staged to draw attention to features like fireplaces, or that showcases kitchens or beautiful windows. These features might otherwise fade into the woodwork if they lack the bit of furniture and the few artistic touches designed to draw the eye.

By personalizing what would otherwise feel like empty space, a well-staged home can appeal to the emotional side of buyers, inviting them to imagine their life in your home. And a staged home is obviously well-kept—an important cue that will help it stand out in a crowded market.

Whether you decide to stage the home yourself or invest in a staging professional, the evidence is clear: a staged home is more likely to become a sold home. If you will be listing your home this Fall, why not contact me today for information on reputable home staging companies?  I can also offer a host of other current marketing ideas to put a ‘sold’ sign in front of your property!  Chad Lariscy | The Mountain Life Team | Keller Williams Partners. 706-633-8186 or EMAIL ME!