How To Repair A Scratched CD, DVD, Or Game Disc

Repair your discs before you replace themWhen your CDs, DVDs and game discs are “skipping”, most times, a simple cleaning will set them right.

Make sure you clean your discs properly, though. Clean them the wrong way and you could damage your discs forever. You might also cause your electronic devices permanent damage.

There’s lots of remedies for skipping CDs, DVDs, and game discs, but the following method is known to be reliable for all but the toughest scratches and dings.  First, you’ll need some tools:

  1. A flat surface
  2. A soft, lint-free cloth
  3. Specialized cleaning solution, or plain rubbing alcohol

Take the cloth and, holding the disc between your thumb and forefinger, wipe from the center to the edge in a straight line. Repeat this step until you’ve removed all of the surface dust from the disc.  Next, apply the cleaning solution (or rubbing alcohol) to the cloth directly and wipe the disc in the same manner — from center to edge.

Lastly, lay the disc flat and allow it to dry.

If the above method does not repair your disc(s), consider an off-the-shelf, disc repair system for more heavy-duty scratches. Disc repair products can look expensive with prices tags as high as $60, but as compared to the cost of buying new music, movies, or games, the investment could make sense. Just make sure to read product labels for their limitations before purchasing.

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