Replacing The Surprise Ingredient With Profit!

Replacing the Surprise Ingredient with Profit by having a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Today we had the pleasure of having Lisa Turner, a North Georgia Mountain Home Inspector with Your Inspection Expert. Lisa helped in providing me some thoughts on new approaches for my Home Sellers to have a “Leg Up” on the competition by having them perform a Home Inspection even before we List The Home and place it on the MLS. I will let Lisa explain, and again I want to thank her for her time she shared with all of us at Blairsville Realty today.

As an informed Home Seller in Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Ellijay or Hiawassee Georgia, you already know that the Buyer is usually responsible for getting a Home Inspection on your North Georgia Mountain Home before closing. What we’re about to reveal to you is an important secret that can deliver a higher price to you, faster, and with much less stress, than if you go the traditional route of waiting for a buyer to perform your home inspection! Got your attention… sure did catch mine. Keep on reading.

Reasons YOU, the SELLER, Should Get A Pre-Listing Home Inspection:

  1. Legal: Fulfills your obligation to disclose known defects in your home before the sales avoid future liability from Surprises.
  2. Financial: Waiting for the Home Inspection to occur during contract time creates stressful, last minute negotiations from Surprises and complications over repairs, usually lowering your own cash reserves and potentially killing the sale.
  3. Marketing and Good Faith: Having already obtained your own Home Inspection, you can now price your home fairly knowing you have eliminated the Surprises, and attract Buyers who appreciate your own good faith effort and care in your home. (This also provides you the opportunity to repair or replace any items needed before a potential Buyer even has to worry with it themselves.)
  4. Emotional: The most important factor for both Sellers and Buyers: having a pre-listing inspection prevents Buyer Surprise and the resulting disappointment and potential deal failure. And the knowledge YOU gain from the inspection helps you manage your own emotions BEFORE you reach negotiations.

There are many more reasons why a Selle’s Home Inspection eliminates the Surprise Ingredient and adds the Profit Ingredient to a Home Sale, and the price of an Inspection is a small fraction of that profit. Please call Lisa Turner at 800.738.8781, or visit her website for more information.

Thanks so much again Lisa, and look forward to doing some business with you soon. Also, if you would like to speak with a Real Estate Professional about Listing Your North Georgia Mountain Home, please call me at 706.994.8686, or Contact Me today.

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