Safe And Natural Pest Control For Your Mountain Home!

The Mountain Life Team Blogger June 29, 2009


In between visits from the exterminator, it’s not uncommon to see the occasional ant, spider or roach or insect around the house.

But what to do about it?

One solution is Terminix SafeShield, a new, eco-friendly home pest control product introduced earlier this year.

Formulated by an independent pesticide company, Terminix SafeShield is a non-aerosol bug spray whose active ingredients are all-natural.  The formula is said to control 25 types of in-home pests and kills bugs fast.

Because of its natural composition, SafeShield is safe for use around kids and pets — a huge advantage over chemical-laden, off-the-shelf products.  However, this same composition is also the product’s weak spot. Its oils and ingredients are most effective as spot treatments — not long-lasting ones.

Although it’s meant to complement a professional Terminix treatment, SafeShield can be purchased by-the-bottle at the Terminix website.

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  1. Another chemical free solution is the PEST OFFENSE, which can be found at
    It simply plugs into an outlet and covers an entire size average home.
    It works through the wiring and makes it so the pests wont nest in your walls. (Beware of the product by Riddex however, they have an FTC ACTION against them)
    I originally bought PEST OFFENSE because my son has asthma and the chemicals affected him negatively.
    I have used this product for years now and recommend it every chance I get.

  2. Pest control companies are almost always specialized to work in a specific region and that specific region’s biggest pests. Pest services in Arizona are no different. From bees and cockroaches to scorpions and spiders, the Arizona climate contributes to a number of hardy pests that can be difficult – and costly – to eliminate. That’s why finding a pest control company that knows how to work with the land and the weather to find a lasting solution is the best choice you can make for your home and family.

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