Scarecrows Galore!!! – An Ellijay Festive Fall Event!

I enjoy seeing all the cute scarecrows that line various stores or people’s front yards and porches in the fall!  Although they are just made of straw, scarecrows are unique and have always made me realize fall has truly arrived.  Unless of course, you head to the mall and they are already out in June for marketing purposes!

Well, I am going to get my feel for scarecrows beginning October 1st through the entire month as they will be on display throughout historic downtown Ellijay. This is the fifth anniversary of this fun North Georgia Mountain festive event.  I remember last year seeing some of the most creative scarecrows that were created by various business owners and citizens of Gilmer County.

Although this is a Gilmer County Chamber of Commerce sponsored event, they give a ton of credit for the success of this event to the Ellijay Community.  Ace Hardware of Ellijay provides hay, twine, posts and various accessories for the scarecrows.  Mountain Ridge Garden Shop, located on River Street in downtown,  helps hundreds of people to build their scarecrow on site.  Anyone can visit the garden center to purchase materials and build a scarecrow or you can even pay the garden shop to make you a unique creation!

Building of these scarecrows begins Saturday September 15th through September 29th from 9 to 5.  (except Sundays)  In 2011, the garden shop built over 300 scarecrows.  You can be creative and build on your own as well by cleaning out all your closets and putting together old overalls, shirts, shoes, wigs, hats and any other items you can think of!!!

October is always a fun month in the mountains!  ( actually every month in the mountains is fun!) You must head to Ellijay for what they call the “scarecrow invasion.”  The little ones may enjoy  the scavenger hunt game at the welcome center where they can look for specific scarecrows!  You can pick up a scarecrow invasion t-shirt as well.  I wonder who the winner will be?  Could it be last year’s winner, Cartecay Bike Shop?

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