See 150 Years of History in an Hour – Ducktown Museum!

At the top of a hill next to what used to be a deep copper mine called the Burra Burra Mine in Ducktown, Tennessee is the Ducktown Basin Museum.  Listed on the National Registry of Historical Places, the museum is full of history and education regarding the 15 million tons of copper that came from this over 300 acres of now deluded land.  If you live or are visiting in the Blue Ridge or McCaysville, Georgia area, this would be a great place to tour.

Sixteen structures on site were the original mine buildings.  The museum is the one open to the public but you can schedule a tour (that only takes an hour) to learn it all!  There are thousands of artifacts and memories on display in the museum of all of the previous mining operations.  For a minimal fee, you can explore this unique part of history.  For an extra fee you can collect beautiful gems including garnet, pyrite, chalcopyrite and much more.

There is also an audiovisual presentation and an old mine elevator that is now in use as an observation deck that overlooks the collapsed and flooded portion of the Burra Burra Mine.  There is much history to be learned here and educational fun for the kids.

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