So What Happened To All The Dump Trucks?

This morning as I was taking my son Bo to school, a dump truck pulled up next to us. As we were waiting for the light to turn green, it donged on me that the roads used to be filled with dump trucks running up and down the road. It seemed that not too long ago, everyone must have owned a dump truck or two. The roads were absolutely covered up with them.

So What Happened To All The Dump Trucks?

Well it is obvious that the number of new homes being built has slowed down considerably. This is somewhat of a catch twenty two in my opinion, because we needed this slow down in new construction in order to help deplete some of our existing inventory. However, it has caused many adverse affects on all the communities here in the North Georgia Mountains. One that has been felt the most is the loss of so many jobs. Real Estate is the driving industry here in the North Georgia Mountains. So when construction began slowing down, many had to start looking for others means of income. To this day, there are many who are either having to leave their families and find work out of town, or simply have not found work at all. Even I, having been in the Real Estate business in one form or fashion for nearly 15 years, had no idea just how many folks were either building homes, or sub-contractors helping to build homes.

So has this Real Estate Crisis been the reason why we do not see as many dump trucks on the road as we used to? Well I am not so sure elsewhere, but as for Blue Ridge, Blairsville, and Ellijay I believe that it has been a major contributing factor.  I guess you could say that I do still see an awful lot of dump tucks around, but the sad thing is that most of them are no longer on the roads were they belong.

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