“Sold” or “Price Reduced” You Decide?

Today (which should have been about a week ago……sorry about that Tonia) I have the pleasure of introducing to you a North Georgia Mountain Native girl who left us (momentarily) for the Big City to pursue her career in Home Staging. I was fortunate enough to become acquainted with Tonia through my social media networking. She has graciously accepted my invitation to guest author a post here on “The Porch!” So without further a due, please meet Tonia Mosteller of Redesign + More of Charlotte, NC.

“Home Staging” is not a new term and it is not interior design, but for many homeowners and real estate agents the concept of “Professional Home Staging” is shedding new light on how to promote a home in the real estate marketplace. In past years, homeowners were left to their own discretion as far as preparing for home showings. How important is it to you for a fast sell? Is your home holding you back?

While Realtors(R)  are experts in the field of selling and closing, many do not have the extra time to focus on the staging a home, this is why we offer a Realtor(R) Partnership Program to help provide an outstanding service to local Real Estate companies in the counties we service. At Redesign + More we don’t sell homes, we are experts at helping Realtors(R) sell homes, therefore providing you with a happy client and a fast sell! Your clients are important to you and important to us.  Let us show them how home staging can cost considerably less than their ” first price reduction“.  Offering your clients a home staging consultation as a listing incentive will set you apart and give your listings the most competitive edge in the market.

What is Home Staging?

Professional home stagers are experts in the “art” of preparing a home for resale and appeal to the largest number of buyers.  Home staging transforms a home by highlighting the best features and creating warmth, eliminate clutter, edit and arrange furniture, and even create “slam on the brakes” curb appeal for your home. With the aid of a professional home stager, your house can make a notable first impression on potential home buyers.  For vacant homes, home staging with just the right amount of accessories and furniture creates a living space the buyer can “see” themselves living in. Properly executed staging leads the eye to attractive features while minimizing flaws and creates a fast sell.

Top 5 Benefits for a Realtor(R) to use a Professional Home Stager

1. Avoid having to communicate negative aspects of your client’s home.

2. Marketing exposure for your listing that will provide national exposure, will be featured on our website and other sites with a link to your listing page.

3. It’s a fact! Staged homes are shown more often, increasing Realtor(R) exposure.

4. Staging your listings builds a reputation for excellence in marketing.

5. Save money and precious time: Shorter marketing time means less money spent on advertising and earn more commission.

Staged Listings sell quicker and receive higher offers than non-staged homes.

First Impressions

As the real estate industry often stresses, the “first impression” is the key factor in selling your home. A potential buyer has made up their mind 15 seconds after they step in the front door. They were already forming an opinion of your home as they pulled into your driveway! That really doesn’t leave too much room for fault does it?  Remember, “The way you live in your home, and the way you market and sell your house are two different things.”

“To achieve the greatest possible outcome,” a home should always be presented at its best the first time around. So make your home stand out from the rest, and set the stage. You shouldn’t worry about the stresses of getting your home ready for the market. Did you know in most cases home staging is LESS than your first price reduction? Which would you prefer “Sold” or “Price Reduced”? Contact Me or give me a call today at 704.651.8878 for your home staging consultation.

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