Some Upgrades Boost Your Listing (Others, Not So Much!)

Top-dollar-house-money_s4x3_al-1In North Georgia’s competitive housing market, shrewdly targeting which (if any) renovations to make prior to listing your home can sharply affect not only its DOM (days on market), but the price it ultimately brings. After making any obviously needed repairs ­any that would be standout deficiencies left untended you must still decide, what else?

Of the welter of possibilities you could choose before your property appears in the North Georgia listings, recent studies show some renovations have the greatest impact on selling prices.

An inviting outside entertainment area is a significant plus for many prospects, so the addition of a wooden deck heads the list. A deck is relatively quick and easy to install, so when Remodeling Magazine reports a 77% return at sale, being able to add “entertainment deck” seems an economical way to add appeal to your soon to be “house for sale”. If you already have a deck, you might consider expanding or improving it.

Since the kitchen is the heart of a home, even a modest improvement ­ like freshening up cabinets or upgrading an appliance or two ­can make a dramatic impact on saleability. If your home is already priced at the high end of the market, simply adding granite countertops is an investment that’s not likely to add significantly to the bottom line…whereas the return on minor kitchen improvements is measured in the neighborhood of 75%.

For an older home, changing out questionable windows with new, environmentally advanced ones can create a listing feature that adds appeal to utility cost-conscious home buyers. Window replacement is a quick fix; and if you already have newer windows, an upgrade to siding can add one fewer thing potential buyers find to worry about…and one more reason to choose your offering.

So there you have it… easy upgrades like the above are ways to increase the instant appeal of your North Georgia listing without severely denting your pocketbook. Being conscious of the way your listing compares with others in town will put you ahead of the pack. Another way: call The Mountain Life Team 706*994*8686 for more ideas to make your North Georgia home an irresistible buy! Email or call us anytime…we’re here to help!

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