Do Your Spring Cleaning Like Martha Stewart

Spring CleaningSpring is here and Blairsville Homeowners are starting their respective Spring Cleaning rituals.

In some households, Spring Cleaning is best tackled in a single weekend filled with rubber gloves, ratty clothes, and sweat. In other homes, it’s a less serious undertaking.  Either way, to clean a home from top-to-bottom, you need to have a plan.

If you’ve never used the Martha Stewart, 9-step Spring Cleaning Organizer, check it out. It covers the basics:

Cleaning shades and windows

Sorting through wardrobes for “old” clothes

Cleaning and rotating mattresses and cushions

    For most of the cleaning, everyday household cleansers and a vacuum or rags will do the trick.

    There are a few items on the list, however, that require heavy-duty appliances; ones you may not keep at-home.  For example, cleaning carpets is best-handled with a steam cleaner.  You can choose to rent cleaning equipment from a local hardware store, or considering hiring an Angie’s List contractor to do the job.  It’ll be more expensive, but the job will be done properly.

    Also on the list is a reminder to check batteries in smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and flashlights.

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