Spring Cleaning…Ugh! 4 Obstacles to Decluttering & How to Beat Them

It’s Spring & it’s time to do some cleaning…I know – I’ve looked at my closet a thousand times and have been procrastinating to say the least.  So why is it ever so challenging to do this chore which makes us all feel so much better?  Well, our good friends at  Houzz.com really shed some light on the entire reasons & I totally agree with them.  4 obstacles :
1. “It’s a family heirloom.” 2. “It was a gift.”  3. “I may need it someday.”  4. “I paid a lot of money for it.” 
So have you struggled with these issues?  In the full article above you’ll see the details on ways you can come to terms with parting from these things.  Really cool ideas that I never thought about doing before.  Whether it was an heirloom, gift, hopes of future use or how much money you paid for it – we know you can create more space in your home & clean in the process.

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