Visit the Highest Point in Georgia – Brasstown Bald!

488 Arrowhead Pass, Cherry Log, GA 30522 (8)
488 Arrowhead Pass, Cherry Log, GA 30522 (7)
488 Arrowhead Pass, Cherry Log, GA 30522 (4)
488 Arrowhead Pass, Cherry Log, GA 30522 (6)

Spring is here in North Georgia but here with our unique mountain climate that means a brisk morning breeze in the 30s & 40s and sometimes a snow flurry or two.  In fact, we just had snow this week which is what is referred to as our Easter Snap & then we’ll have Blackberry Winter & finally Summer will be here. That’s just the normal weather pattern here in North Georgia!

With Spring in the air, we would like to suggest a really neat outing for you and your family.  If you love beautiful mountain views, you will love a visit to Brasstown Bald which is the highest point in Georgia – 4,784′.  This mountain adventure features incredible heights where you can see unbelievable mountain ranges. It’s a great time in the early Spring to take a nice hike up to the summit (the top) and see these scenic mountains without the Summer heat overpowering you.  Or if you don’t hike…no problem!  From the parking lot, you can take the shuttle up to the visitors center which has an extensive museum and various forestry presentations where you can learn a lot about this area.  The best part is the observatory deck with telescopes to get a close-up view of those gorgeous mountain vistas of Rabun Bald (Georgia’s second highest mountain, slightly north of due east), Blood Mountain (south of due west), and the Cohutta Mountains, (due west of the center).

The center is also home to a small locomotive that was used to haul wood off the mountains to nearby saw mills. One of the most interesting displays takes visitors inside the mountain itself to explore the geology of Georgia’s tallest peak.

The Brasstown Bald Summit Trail is also another option for walking up to the Visitor Center and Viewing Platform, is a 0.6 mile paved foot trail from the parking lot.  It is very steep. Again, the shuttle service is provided as an alternative to walking the trail. Dogs must be leashed and are not permitted in the Visitor Center.

Brasstown Bald is open daily from 10:00am – 5:00pm and Visitor Center and Day Use Area is $5/person (16+) (Includes entrance fee and shuttle fee). There’s even a reduced price for Interagency/Golden Senior or Access Pass Holders: $2.00 Shuttle Fee (Free Entrance). Please call 706-896-4137 if weather is questionable!  FOR DIRECTIONS AND MORE INFO CLICK HERE. 

If you’re ready to make North Georgia Mountains your permanent home or home away from home – call us to help make your journey to the mountains easy. Chad Lariscy | The Mountain Life Team | KW Realty Partners 706-745-3123 or email us at [email protected]

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