We Are Still Here Memorial Statue Celebrated in North Georgia!

I had the fortunate opportunity to witness a very important part of our Appalachian heritage here in the Georgia Mountains.  Like most everyone else, my lineage is a mixture of many different cultures. My heritage includes Pauntaw & Cherokee Native Americans, as well as Irish descendants and who knows what else. Being raised here in the Georgia Mountains, I was taught to respect the Native Americans and revere them, as they were our founding fathers who lived in these mountain areas from the very beginning.  Our culture is a fascinating part of our history and an ever-present part of North Georgia.

This incredible memorial statue began as a Leadership Union Project, where a group of respected community leaders worked arduously for over 3 years to bring this project to life.  Ideas came flooding, as they brainstormed at each meeting and they finally decided to commission an artist from Oklahoma of the Cherokee Nation, Daniel Horsechief, to create this incredible Native American bronze statue.

The dedication of this awe inspiring statue was held at Meeks Park ,where the statue will reside for our community and visitors to get a glimpse of our Native heritage. At this dedication, I heard an incredible Native American choir who were adorned in authentic tribal dresses which represented their specific tribes. Their songs were authentic and melodious in Cherokee, Muskogee and Creek languages. The turn-out was incredible, where our local officials attended to give their support and Chiefs from Cherokee, NC came out to give their blessing. It was a moving experience to hear a native prayers from a 92 year old gentleman, Mr. Wolff, of the Cherokee Nation. In addition, a Creek Tribe from Oklahoma was busy playing stick ball in the background.

This is just a taste of the vibrant culture that our beloved Georgia Mountains inspire.  If you’re visiting the mountains, be sure to stop by Meeks Park, in Blairsville, GA and see this incredible bronze Native American statue which memorializes our Appalachian history. This statue is worth the drive but there’s also amazing natural wonders with all the mountains, lakes & rivers these hills are known for.  Discover the mountain life of North Georgia! Our heritage is simply incredible!

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