Sunny D Children’s Theater Presents the Classic…Tom Sawyer

tom-sawyer1If you would like to see a good ole American Classic performed by some amazingly talented kids, mark it on your calendar to get tickets to the Sunny D Childrens’ theater production of Tom Sawyer performed at the Blue Ridge Community Theater! This was the opening weekend of the show and it is definitely worth seeing!  You can also see it today (Sunday) as well as next weekend at 7:30pm.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, is written by Dave Barton & Matt Bond. Based on Mark Twain’s classic story, this is the adventure of Tom Sawyer, his friends, his schemes, a first crush, a murder and the struggle to do the right thing. You will meet Aunt Polly and her “civilized” ways, the lovely Becky Thatcher and Tom’s best friend Huck Finn, as well as several unsavory characters. It’s a tale of youth and the struggles of growing up.  I was very impressed by the talent of these great young actors and actresses!

If you have a child or grandchild that would be interested in developing their acting skills, you should check into the Sunny D Theater.  Under the endorsement of the Blue Ridge Community Theater, the mission of the Sunny D Theater is to provide a theater experience for the children in southern appalchia and to help them grow artistically.  It is a great program and hope some of you can head out to see this fabulous production presented in beautiful Blue Ridge!

Under the endorsement of The Blue Ridge Community Theater, the Sunny D Children’s Theater’s mission is to:
-Provide a theater experience for the children of the Southern Appalachia.
-Challenge children’s imaginations, voices, body movements through teaching of the performing arts
-Help children grow artistically and enrich them as individuals.


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