The Best on The Vine – Week of January 18th

I have been given the honor of hosting “The Best on The Vine” this week from my Tomato friend Charles Woodall of Dothan Home Searchin Dothan, Alabama. I really couldn’t believe that he actually asked me if I would host….are you kidding me? I was about ready to steal your idea there Charles. I can only hope that I can do as good of a job as you have done week in and week out for quite some time now. I want to thank you for this opportunity.

Tomato VIneSo, some of you reading this article may be asking…..what exactly is he talking about, “The Best on The Vine?” When you become a client of Jim Cronin and the Real Estate Tomato you join an elite group of Real Estate bloggers, better known as “The Vine.” We are students and graduates of the The Real Estate Tomato, one of the top sites for Real Estate Blogging Advice and services to get you up and blogging in no time at all. If you are thinking of starting a blog, or you are already blogging, you need to contact these guys….they are the BEST! Unsurpassed advice, training, and one on one coaching in the business.

And now, for the Best on The Vine for the week of January 18th….

Jennifer Klaussen with The Arlington Dirt is giving the Arlington Virginia Buyer’s 7 Truths that will help them steer clear through the Purchase of a short sale property.

There is some great advice on the dangers of mortgage fraud and how to prevent foreclosures from Tracey Thomas over in the Pumpkin City with her Blog Calabasas.

If you have a loved one or friend that is 62 years of age or older, Jennifer Steck has asked an associate of hers in the lending business to explain in her Central Denver Blog a basic understanding of Reverse Mortgages and the value they bring to a certain homeowners.

Marty Van Diest in the Valley Market of Wasilla, Alaska is making sure that Vinehis readers are #1 in the #2 business….well when it comes to Septic Tanks that is. He explains 2 great concerns if you don’t have the convenience of a public sewer system.

There is a lot of “Buzz” over at The Silver Bee with 8 great reasons to list and sell your home during the winter months…..especially in the Silver Spring, MD. real estate market.

William Johnson has Volumes of Real Estate Savvy, however the Real Estate Textbook of choice this week is focused on the possible changes we might face in the years ahead as Real Estate agents in this industry.

Scott Montgomery, reporter for the Real Estate Post gets us the inside scoop on declining real estate markets and how to advise our customers and clients who are looking to buy and sell in the Arlington, VA. area and Tomatoesother markets facing this problem.

Are you frazzled about selling your home? Go over to the Cincy Blog, Kathy Koops has Three Great Alternatives to selling your home in a shifting market.

If you have the “Time” and a good appetite, Maggie Dokic with The Blog That Ate Miami has some great advice on how Chasing Down the Market Never Works, and how important it is to pricing them in the market the moment they hit the market.

Finally, nearby here in the North Georgia Mountains is the Scenic City Scoop on Chattanooga, TN. Andy Hodes has some great tips on Staging your home for Attracting the Right Buyer for your home.

Again, I want to thank Charles for this amazing opportunity to share my choice for “The Best of The Vine.” If you are interested in hosting this article, please contact Charles Woodall.

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