The Copper Door – A True Fine Dining Experience!

the-copper-doorIf you are like me, you may have some cabin fever after this snow!  It is Valentines weekend afterall.  How about come to a fabulous nice restaurant where you can experience true fine dining!  Get out of those sweatpants (or for some, PJ’s that have been worn most the week) dress up a little and enjoy a great evening out.  If you are visiting in the North Georgia Mountain area of Hiawassee or in North Carolina, and are seeking a fine dining restaurant, The Copper Door is a fabulous choice! The Copper Door is a critically acclaimed restaurant with a wine selection that is continually ranked among some of the best in North Carolina.  They received the Open Table’s Diners’ Choice Award in 2011, having ranked in the top 100 of 12,000 restaurants nationwide.

As you can tell from the picture, the atmosphere is very cozy and a great setting for a Valentine dinner as well.  Another great thing about this restaurant besides the excellent food quality is the fact that the chef, Dennis Barber, offers cooking classes for small groups.  You can check out their websites on details regarding this.  What a fun activity to do with your significant other or even your girlfriends!

Do call for reservations though!  Let me know what you think of this restaurant that I absolutely love!!

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