The Great Squirrel Exodus Of 2013 In The Georgia Mountains

SquirrelsAre you kidding me? Squirrels seen swimming across Lake Blue Ridge. Notice I didn’t say squirrel. Now I have heard it all….I think!

It has been quite the topic of conversation lately. I have sat down at many appointments lately, with folks searching for just the right agent to list their home for sale here in the North Georgia Mountains. One of the first topics of conversation you might think of would be “How Would The Mountain Life Team Market Our Mountain Home For Sale,” or even a conversation concerning our customer service. It seems that customer service, or lack there of could be another topic all by itself. Anyway, back to the squirrels right?  Yes that is right, the main topic of late has been those furry tailed rodents and how crazy they have been this Fall Season.

So have you heard about The Great Squirrel Migration of 1968?  Well some are saying that the Mass Exodus of Squirrels in 2013 could turn out to be just about as bad . I don’t know about you, but I have never seen so many dead squirrels laying on the side of roads. Not just any roads by the way, but major highways, side roads and yes even along slow traveling roads coming in and out of many of our communities here in the North Georgia Mountains.

Well, I believe that is enough about squirrels. However, if you are thinking about Selling Your North Georgia Mountain Home, please Contact The Mountain Life Team or give me a call today at 706.994.8686. I promise not to mention anything about swimming squirrels.

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