The Owl’s Nest – A Quaint New Shop In Downtown Blue Ridge

An adorable new shop opened in downtown Blue Ridge on April 1st of this year.  If you like sterling silver, various fashionable types of jewelry as well as unique items such as wood carvings, exotic skins or metal art, you must drop by this boutique.  Many of these items are from various parts of the world including Indonesia and Thailand.

Owner Jennifer Sullivan and her family have recently relocated to Blue Ridge from Social Circle, Georgia.  They have had a second home in Blue Ridge for many years and decided to make this their full time residence and begin this new adventure. Jennifer is married to husband Ryan and they have three children that will attend Blue Ridge Elementary.

When I asked Jennifer how she came about the name of the store, she stated that just as owls collect various items to build their nest, she would like her store to be like that for people who would like to build up their home or wardrobe with different and unique items.  While looking for these things, you are sure to find cute owl accessories to brighten up your home as well.

Jennifer is well traveled and has been in the wholesale jewelry business for many years.  She has always had a desire to open her own shop and Main Street was just the right place.   Not only does she love the quaint downtown area but believes this is an amazing community to raise her children.    I couldn’t agree with her more.

You must visit The Owl’s Nest at 708 East Main Street in Blue Ridge.  Jennifer will surely be there to greet you with a friendly smile and helpful attitude.


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