The Season of Giving…

Rhonda Hood December 2, 2015

downloadWow…the holidays are here!  For some this means visions of sugar plums are dancing in their heads by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, happily anticipating the Christmas Season or politically correct version the “Holiday Season”. For others this means “Bah Humbug” with thoughts that the season has been drastically commercialized and they just don’t want any part of it.  Where do you fall into the spectrum?  Getting a little giddy?  Or already dreading your work Christmas Party? Are you possibly somewhere in the middle?

Well, whether you’re excited with glee or dreading it with great abhorrence…we can all agree that a big part of the Christmas or Holiday Season (whichever phrase you prefer), should include Giving.  That’s right…a Season of Giving is something we can all agree on.  It’s true that some scurry around frantically during the holidays to fill obligations for all the Christmas plays, cantatas, friendly neighborhood parties, family get togethers and this doesn’t include time spent for buying gifts for your children’s teachers, coaches, your mailman, your florist, co-workers and don’t forget the little lady down the road.  That’s not exactly what kind of “giving” I’m talking about.  To these busy people…this is Christmas – they give to everyone and their brother not to disappoint someone. These are all very well-intention givers no-doubt but this is still not exactly what the Season of Giving is suppose to be.  In my mind, the stress we create during the holiday season clamoring to make every event and to have the most expensive gifts to give to everyone on our list is really somewhat self-gratifying.  There…I said it.  It’s self-gratifying rather than giving selflessly. It’s honestly, not what the Season of Giving should be. Like the Bah Humbuggers, I do agree that the holiday season has turned into a retail store’s nirvana, as well as credit card companies harvest time.  Like the excited givers, I want to give to those I care about but why break the bank and be completely stressed out, when we can give on a smaller more meaningful scale. Ideas like making simple goodies with your child with a sincere Christmas Card for the teachers’ gifts this year. Or how about spending some time at the local soup kitchen serving those in need or even giving to that charity you’ve always been fond of.  Statistics show that during the holidays, many Americans go into major credit card debt with thousands of dollars of interest accrued which should never happen.  Why?  Seriously…why?  The idea of giving is wonderful…we “give” in remembrance of the ultimate gift of a Savior who was adorned with extraordinary gifts from afar.  Those gifts of Gold, Frankincense & Myrr didn’t break the wise-men.  True, there was a sacrifice of time and energy to come see the Savior and to give those gifts but they didn’t give above their means.  This season, here’s our reminder that we remember what Christmas is really all about.  This wonderful Season of Giving should be embraced and celebrated as intended in accordance to what God has given you.  Give with pleasure…not stress of credit card debt or insane stress to make every engagement.  No need to have the best gift, fanciest decorations on the block.  Just slow down…enjoy time with your family and friends and Give from the heart.  That’s the Season of Giving we remind you and ourselves about.  #SeasonofGiving  #MerryChristmas  #TheMountainLifeTeam  #KWRealty  

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