The Secrets of a Successful Mountain Cabin Rental!

It’s a foggy crisp fall morning in the North Georgia Mountains. Deer in MistYou walk out on the dew dampened front porch wrapped in your wool blanket. As you bend down to sit in the porch rocker, you notice a faint silhouette of what appears to be a deer. Then, just as you get comfortable and begin sipping on your coffee, there they are….2 small fawn cautiously appearing from no where.

Now that is what I call “True freedom from anxiety!”

How would you like to experience a similar instance? Do you own a cabin in the mountains? If not, how can you possibly have the chance for the same experience? Well that’s simple, you rent one first, then when you are ready to buy, you call me. The Real Estate industry is one of the highest, if not the highest producer of revenue for most of the North Georgia Mountains. Not just the sale of cabins, but also the rental of them. I can’t even begin to tell you how many cabin rental companies there are in Blue Ridge, Blairsville, and the Ellijay Georgia area. The funny thing is, just last week I overheard two couples talking about how hard it was to find a cabin for the weekend! Folks just love coming to the mountains and experience the chance of a lifetime. The hope of getting a glimpse of a bear, the big catch, or just simply enjoying the sound of tranquility. Maybe you are looking for a great investment opportunity? That is a story for another day. Check back for how purchasing a Cabin in the North Georgia Mountains could be one of the best investments you might ever make in more ways than one.

So, what makes a rental cabin in the mountains a success?

Well, I have interviewed a couple of the top rated cabin rental businesses in the area. Lisa Skomp from Cozy Cove Cabin Rentals of Blairsville, GA. was kind enough to share her views of what makes folks want to keep coming back to the cabins in her program. I was also able to catch up with Dan Barton from First Class Cabin Rentals of Blue Ridge, GA. during one of his busy days of managing his family owned cabin rental business with wife Gayle. Both had great thoughts and views of what has been successful for them. While both had thoughts that were similar in a lot of ways, there was also a little difference in how they ranked the importance of them. Below you will find the secrets of a successful rental cabin.

Hot Tubs

Both Lisa and Dan agreed that hot tubs ranks right up there at the top of the list. I have to admit, when I rent a house on the beach I want to have a pool. I don’t know why, I am just not crazy about salt water, but if I am at the beach I want to swim, so I get a place with a pool. When folks come to the mountains, they want hot tubs. Why? I don’t really know, maybe its romance, or just simple relaxation. Outdoor living areas complete with hot tubs and a fireplace are among the top rented cabins. I guess you could say that hot tubs and cabin rentals go together like cornbread and milk!

Porch ViewLocation…Location…Location!

Whether you want that jaw dropping mountain view, or the sound of a roaring river, to have a highly successful cabin rental you really need to have a great location. Although this in my opinion is one the most important factors, there are other important factors to consider in the location. For instance, the ease of access to the cabin and the closeness and the proximity of downtown for shopping and dining. Are the SUV’s finally loosing their cool? More and more folks are asking for all paved access. It might be they chose to drive their Corvette, or maybe they jumped on the Harley to come up to the mountains. Either way, this too ranked at the top from both of our experts.

Rustic But Elegant Cabin Decor’

Picture this…you drive up to the cabin and it is everything you thought and more. In all of your excitement you rush to grab a few bags and hurry down the stone path all googlie eyed. You impatiently are trying to get the key in the door with great anticipation. You walk in, turn on the lights and you can’t believe it….can it be? Much to your dismay, you find that Donald Trump must have been in charge of the budget for the furnishings. Very nice, way over the top, but it looks like something found in a New York Loft. No matter how nice the furnishings, folks that rent a mountain cabin, Game Roomwant to stay in a mountain cabin. It seems that our guys at Cozy Cove and First Class agree, that Rustic Decor’ is a must.

Game Rooms and Big Screens

Both of our experts felt that game rooms or big screens really help out when folks are searching for a cabin to rent. Not just any big screens, but plasma’s and LCD’s. Dan mentioned that more and more owners are putting 42” screens and larger. Almost everyone would agree, that a good game of pool while watching the Georgia beat Florida on a 42” plasma is Heaven on Earth! Well….almost everyone! Oh come on all you Gator’s, 3 times in 16 years… let me enjoy it! Go Dawgs!

Fireplaces GA-lore!

About the next best thing from having a cup of coffee with Bambi, is cuddling up in front of a crackling fire and…well I’ll let your imagination run free! Beautiful stoned fireplaces can if needed, make up for even one of Donald’s decorating mistakes. But you better have the firewood ready, because not many folks like gas logs anymore. They want the real deal, bring on the heat! Also, outdoor living areas with fireplaces have become ever so popular. So bring your favorite book and Little Debbie snack, and get ready for a peacefully warm evening by a cozy fire. Dan shared a quite humorous request from a past guest. He said he had someone call and specifically ask the type of screen the fireplace had. They insisted that is had a bear or a moose or some type of wildlife. Now that is what I am talking about, someone who knows what they want in a mountain cabin rental.

Pets or No Pets?

Fireplace ReadingThis is one area that my experts had a difference of opinion and where I would like to ask for some help from you. If you were planning a get-a-way to the North Georgia Mountains, (who couldn’t after reading this article) and you planned on renting a cabin, which rental would you choose, the one that allowed pets or the one that didn’t? Lisa at Cozy Cove Cabin Rentals actually has both pet friendly cabins and cabins that don’t allow pets, while Dan at First Class Cabin Rentals doesn’t allow any cabins in their program where even the owners have pets. I personally love dogs and cats…well just dogs, but not that much. Give me one that doesn’t allow pets!

Well, now you know the secrets of how to turn a cabin into a successful income producing rental over and over again. There are may other ways to make your cabin a successful renter. One of the obvious is the company you choose to manage your property. Actually this could be a vital component contributing or not contributing to how well and how often your cabin rents. They are responsible for the fees to charge, for cleaning and overseeing the maintenance, and the overall management of the property. The rates that are set for the nightly and weekly rentals could be key in the success of a good cabin rental. So,If you are ready to invest in the North Georgia Mountains, be sure to give me a call or shoot me an email. I would be glad to help you each step of the way in search of your perfect investment property in the North Georgia Mountains.

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