The Skinny On: The Housing Crisis

The Housing CrisisSeveral weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Jim Randel, the most trusted word in Real Estate, a Renowned Author, Attorney, and Commercial Real Estate Entrepreneur stumble upon The Front Porch willing to share his recent View of The Skinny On: The Housing Crisis with me. Now after receiving this Great Book and reading it, I wanted to share it with you.

This book is a very easy and quick read, yet Entertaining and Fun filled with illustrations of a Stick couple buying their first home. Maybe that is why it is called “The Skinny” On: The Housing Crisis because of the Stick people…I will have to ask Jim Randel. I got to tell you, if you want a good perspective on how we got in this mess, this book definitely needs to be added to your library.

Jim does a great job of explaining the COMPLETE home buying process from the buyer, all the way to the Overseas Investors that purchase the Mortgage Securities. It is a MUST READ for the First Time Homebuyer and it would be quite an eye opener for Real Estate Agents like myself to pick a copy up and read it….and Don’t tell me you don’t have the time! As a matter of fact, if you are a Mortgage Broker or a Real Estate Attorney, you could do yourself a HUGE Favor and pick up a copy for yourself as well. You can never have too much information to share with your customers and clients.

The Real Estate Buying Process Simply Explained. Great Job Jim!







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