The Smell Of The Kill

The Smell Of The Kill

When: October 8th and 10th, 2010

Where: Blue Ridge Community Theater

Take three delicious, malicious wives, add three miserable, unloving husbands and chill. That’s the recipe for this tantalizing comedy. The play revolves around three women who have tolerated each other during one-a-month dinners for years. While their unseen spouses play golf in the dining room, the women exchange confidences, for the first time revealing that all three marriages are on the brink of disaster and all three women are facing he challenges of their life. When the men accidentally lock themselves in a basement meat locker, the women are faced with life-or-death decision – should they leave the men out in the cold – permanently – or let them thaw? One by one the women make heir choices with more that a little help from one another.

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