The “Who Dun It” Mystery Art Fundraising Event – Blue Ridge

I absolutely love the thought of being able to pick which nice piece of art work that I would like to go in my home for only $50, especially when the value of the piece is anywhere between $125 to $500!  You can get a ticket to this fabulous fundraiser that will be held on Saturday, November 17th at 7pm during the Holiday Show & Sale Opening Reception at The Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Center.  Entrance into the holiday show is free but you must have a ticket to enjoy the “Who Dun It” event.

You should get your tickets soon because there are 54 pieces of art work as of now and so there are 54 tickets on sale.  The great news is you will be able to go around and admire all of the art and then choose your favorite.  They mystery is you will have no idea who painted your art of choice until after your decision.  You may be completely surprised by “Who Dun It?”  They very well may switch it up and paint something completely out of their normal era or style!

Proceeds from this event go to the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association to help keep their programs, events, classes and festivals going strong.  Won’t you come out and enjoy a great evening, support a wonderful center that provides culture to our community and delight yourself in a beautiful piece to take home!!!  Have fun!

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