Thinking About Selling? First Impressions Matter

Thinking of Selling Aug 2015blogWhen people start thinking about selling their home, most often they think about conquering the maintenance items they’ve been putting off.  I get asked all the time to preview and analyze a home and tell the owners what I think should be done to get that ‘Sold’ sign in their yard. When people ask me this, they’re usually referring to the flooring or the interior paint color.  However, if the outside isn’t neat and attractive, chances are good that prospective buyers won’t even want to look inside at the flooring or paint. The first impression people have of your home is soooo important and there are several inexpensive things you can do to help make that impression a good one.

Start by taking an objective look at the yard.  Does your yard look like a Little Tykes playground?  While your kids may think that’s great, people driving by don’t really see the house when they’re looking at all those toys and bikes in the yard.  Move them to the back yard, or keep one of two and store the rest.  The same goes for your flock of pink flamingos in the front yard.  While you may love them, they distract from the view of the house.  Tuck the birds into storage while the house is on the market. Don’t forget to de-clutter the back yard as well. Put away the lawn equipment, fill in holes the dog dug, replace fence pickets the dog chewed, and pick up after the dog (if you know what I mean). If you don’t have a dog, you’re ahead of the game.

Once the junk is cleared, look at the yard.  Are the shrubs overgrown?  If the hedges cover the front of the house, people have no idea what your home looks like. Trim them back to a manageable size. The same goes for weeds in the flower beds. Buyers tend to think that if you don’t have time to weed the beds, you probably don’t have time to clean the inside either. Make sure the beds are cleared and the lawn is mowed.

If the front door paint has faded or is peeling, paint it. Choose a nice, neutral color that doesn’t scream at potential buyers but invites them inside. As for color, add a couple of pots of bright flowers near the front door. Color draws the eye towards it, and having seasonal flowers near the front door welcome buyers inside.

With just a weekend and minimal cost, you can create a great first impression that makes buyers want to come inside and see the rest of the house which will get that ‘Sold’ Sign in your front yard!

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