Throw Out Your “Chip Clips”

Banana Seal in actionIf you’ve ever used a plastic Chip Clip and been miffed that your chips went stale anyway, you have to see the Banana Seal.  Its beauty is its simplicity.

Similar to the tongue-in-groove seal created by zip-top bags, the Banana Seal creates an airtight seal on bags of all sizes.  Chips stay crunchy, vegetables stay fresh, and freezer-burned food becomes a problem of the past.

The people of Banana Seal made a promotional video that shows the product in action. It’s a little bit over-the-top in “sales mode”, but gives some good ideas on how the Banana Seal works.  Aside from the obvious refrigerator, freezer and pantry uses, the video shows how Banana Seal can be used outside of the kitchen, too.

Buy an 18-pack of Banana Seal for less than $20 from

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