Tips For End of Winter Camping Trips!

tent camping winterWho says you have to wait till spring to enjoy a wonderful camping trip with your family and friends?  Sure, it may still be somewhat chilly but just think..fewer bugs and bees to deal with and definitely low on the humidity chart.  There are so many amazing campgrounds to visit in the North Georgia Mountains and I will be highlighting many of them over the next few months.

There are several tips to enjoy your chilly camping experience and help keep the kids complaining level to a minimum.

****Before you ever go, check the weather forecast.  This sounds like a no brainer but you would be surprised how many people don’t and then they are “surprised” when a huge rain storm hits them!

****Secondly, make sure you have the proper gear and appropriate clothing.  You NEVER should go camping in the mountains,  even in the summer time,without a jacket of coat.   Make sure your sleeping bag is meant for at least 10 degrees colder than the coldest temperature you are expecting.

****Don’t lay the bag directly on the ground.  A thick sleeping pad will help provide the most warmth and comfort.  If it is very cold, avoid an air mattress.  You may find yourself directly on the ground after it has deflated from the cold temps!!!

****Make sure your tent is designed for 4 seasons of temperatures.  Some tents are made specifically to handle the colder times of the year.  There are tents called 3 season tents for the other times of the year!

****Keep dry to stay warm.  This can be tough with kids, especially little boys who can’t seem to stay out of the creek!  You can never pack enough change of clothes for them! However, it is best to avoid cotton.  Fleece or wool are preferable to stay the warmest.

****Wear a comfortable hat and socks to keep you as warm as possible during sleep.  Again though, avoid cotton.

****Prepare great warm dishes ahead of time such as chili or soup.  Warm these up over the camp fire at night.  You will be glad you made that instead of a cold sandwich!  ALWAYS bring hot chocolate and coffee!!!!

These are just a few tips to help you enjoy the colder weather camping.  If you don’t think you are up for it, try cabin camping for this time of year.  However, check out the amazing campgrounds that are available and then prepare to tent camp in the spring!  ENJOY!

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