Tips for Family Fun during Winter Break

What is the best part of winter break? That’s right – spending time with family!  There is no better way to spend the festive season, than coming up with family-related activities that your family will love. These activities will become amazing memories that everyone remembers for years to come.

Check-out these ideas below & if your family has winter break traditions…Please share them with us!

An Indoor Fort

Disappointed that it is too dark to go outside? Having trouble how to occupy your kids’ time during their break? Children tend to get bored easily, especially during holidays, so keep them busy with this. Build a living room fort using blankets, bed sheets, cushion, and pillows. It can be your own version of camping indoors whilst you hide underneath with your kids and read stories to them or share giant cups of hot chocolate! Yes, it’s a little cleanup work afterward but it’s well worth it!

A Bonfire

Another alternative to camping is having a bonfire in your backyard. You can even set-up small-sized makeshift tents and build a bonfire with stone enclosure and some twigs, leaves, and branches. As evening sets in, you can huddle around the fire, toast marshmallows, make smores and tell stories. It will be every bit like a real camping trip. The best part is that the whole family gets to participate!

Be Creative

Children are talented – all they need is a way to hone that skill. Ask them to make greeting cards for family members and friends – it can be a lot of fun for both parents and kids. Homemade snow flakes are also a good idea with glitter and printer paper. You can make funny puppets from gloves, fashion your own Christmas ornaments, decorate stockings, and make wall hanging to decorate your home.

Winter Wonderland

If you’re fortunate to have ice and snow during your break you can have a ball right in your yard!  Dig out those beach pails and shovels that you use at the beach and build a snow man in you front yard for all the neighbors to see. If you’re snow is minimal no problem – just find a back with just enough to make snow angels and join them when they start building the snowmen. Come up with different outfits for snowmen and really make them your own!

Treasure Hunt

This is one of the best ways to keep children busy – a scavenger hunt for treasure. Kids really “get into” these!  There are lots of ideas on line but here’s a simple one I use with my youth kids. Jot down at least 15 random items you want the children to find and hand out copies to all. You can even do a list of objects representing the holiday season such pinecones, holly berries, snowflakes, a small ornament, a large ornament, etc. This game can be inside & outside.  The fun thing is you can set a time-frame on them to see who wins. ie The first one to get these items by 2 pm on the bar in the kitchen wins a prize.

So now you have some great ideas to keep the Winter Blues away.  Enjoy your winter break to the fullest and remember if you have a Winter Break activity that your family loves…send it our way!  We’d love to hear from you! Chad Lariscy | The Mountain Life Team | 706-633-8186


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