Tips For Preventing Robbery For A Safe Spring

Robbery is one of the greatest fears for homeowners across the country, and when it occurs, can be financially and emotionally devastating for homeowners and their families. Yet most break-ins tend to be opportunistic, rather than pre-planned, meaning that implementing the simplest measures can help to deter criminals away from your home.

Common Sense
Keeping a spare key in a plant pot may seem like a handy back-up plan, but professional burglars know all of your hiding places. Make sure you store your keys away from the front or back door and keep any spare car keys in a concealed place. It’s also important to remove temptation; keep valuables out of sight of the windows and make sure they are all closed and locked securely when you leave the house.

High quality locks on all of your doors and windows are extremely important and are usually a requirement for your home insurance.

Security Lights
Dark doorways and shadowy gardens make great hiding places for an opportunistic burglar. Cheap security lights are readily available from hardware shops and are easy to fit yourself. More expensive sensor lights will draw attention to any thieves watching your home, but are usually mains operated and need to be installed by a qualified electrician.

Cameras and Alarms
Video cameras will provide you with useful evidence after a theft, but they can also help prevent the crime in the first place. If you do have an alarm or cameras make sure you clearly display signs to let criminals know that they are being watched. No alarm? You can always invest in a dummy alarm box to deter opportunistic thieves.

Put yourself in the place of a potential burglar; what type of property would be easiest to target? An unoccupied one of course. Before going away for an extended period, cancel all deliveries to stop post and milk piling up in the doorway. Install plug timers to switch on lights and radios at random periods to create the illusion that someone is at home.

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