Top 5 No-Effort Plants for a Foolproof Landscape

With Summertime here…now is the best time to spend time in your yard to beautify your home place for all to admire. If you’re in the North Georgia area, you know how important it is to have a low maintenance landscape and we know these tips will help you!  Let us know what you think!

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Ribbon Grass– Easy to maintain and grows whether it’s full sun or shade, wet soil or dry. It’s also sun, pest & disease free!

ribbon-grass (1)






Forsythia – These bright yellow wonders add color to any yard. They’re early bloomers & a signal spring is on the way. Plant them in full sunlight though!








Hosta– These plants are a very popular plant shade-tolerant and will thrive in most soil types. Water in the morning and throughout the day as needed.








Texas Ranger – Here’s a vibrant lavender bush that appears to be a lot of trouble but don’t tell the neighbors just how easy it really is. This is an amazingly hardy plant that survives on little water so plant it in the full sunlight & water during summers.








Yew – This is a unique choice of evergreen shrub which will survive in almost any soil type and is very easy to care for. As you can see, it will reward you with beautiful fruits in early autumn however they’re not edible!


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