Ugly Mug Cafe! – Healthy and Gluten Free Choices- Blairsville

ugly mug cafeMany people like myself are subject to various food allergies.  I know in my family alone, there are 3 people whom are gluten intolerant.  It is so nice to find restaurants that understand that and offer healthier choices including gluten free options.  Ugly Mug Cafe, located in the beautiful North Georgia Mountain town of Blairsville offers many of these options including gluten free bread.

Besides the fact about these healthier options, the atmosphere at Ugly Mug is nice and cozy as well.  They actually have a small fireplace where you and some friends can gather around and enjoy relaxing with one another.  They also offer wifi for you to come with your laptop and delight yourself in their full espresso, frappe and smoothie bar – lots of tasty treats to go with that coffee (pound cake, biscotti, Cinnamon buns, Muffins).

My kids thoroughly enjoyed the make your own burger station!  If you have not yet been able to visit this great cafe, you should stop by.  I think you will enjoy the food as well as the atmosphere.  If you are visiting in the Blairsville area, call The Mountain Life Team for us to show you some great homes in this area.  Then, you could enjoy the Ugly Mug Cafe on a regular basis!!

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