Unique Homes Across The Country

Shoe House (image courtesy of Zillow)If a home is an expression of personality, then these 10 homes say something unique about their owners.

Culled by Zillow, this list of one-of-a-kind properties make for excellent party conversation. There’s the “round house”, the geodesic dome, the firehouse home, and the earth-ship, among others.

Some highlights from the collection:

  • The Shoe House (Hallham, PA) : The Shoe House was completed in 1949. It’s pink, it’s made of stucco, it’s 25-feet tall, and in the shape of a workboot. Oh, and every window is decorated with a stained glass shoe.
  • The Cave House (Festus, MO) : This 15,000 square foot home is tucked inside a mountain, and consists of three chambers — one for the bedrooms, one for laundry and storage, and one where musicians like Bob Seger once performed. Because of geothermal and passive solar heat, this home is extremely energy-efficient.
  • The Decommissioned Missile Site House (Othello, WA) : If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a decommissioned Titan 1 missile complex, than this is the home for you. Located roughly 3 hours east of Seattle, this home is built to withstand nuclear blasts. It’s a 6-story descent to the 125-foot diameter “center room” with 65-foot ceilings.  Missiles not included.

A few of the properties as listed by Zillow are for sale and most have accompanying pictures. Unfortunately, buyers of the homes should expect to pay cash because getting a mortgage for a unique home can be veritable challenge.

(Image courtesy: Zillow)

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