Vintage Fishing Items, Pottery, Glassware and More! – Blue Ridge Antiques!!

blue ridge antiquesMy mother -n-law, whom is a true antique shopper, couldn’t quit bragging on Blue Ridge Antiques located in downtown Blue Ridge after she visited this shop.  I am not as knowledgeable as she is on antiquing, but definitely found myself enthralled with all the variety of product in this store.

For all of you true fisherman out there, one of the items they specialize in are vintage fishing equipment.  They also carry a variety of pottery, glassware, unique gifts and gourmet coffee.  The most intriguing item that definitely caught mine and my children’s attention was the coin operated player piano.  How fun that was to put in a quarter and it to play a tune where you can see the keys moving!  The kids thought that was “magic” for sure!

I felt relaxed and very interested in all the variety this family owned and operated business has to offer.  I even enjoyed a cup of gourmet coffee for only 50 cents while I strolled through the 10,000 square foot store.  They even have an upstairs level that houses over 40 different dealers items.  These items change regularly so stop in this store and see what type of deals you can find to help spruce up your home!  Meanwhile, after you shop, come enjoy a nice lunch at Serenity Garden Cafe or L.L Beanery Hope you have a blast on your visit to beautiful Blue Ridge.



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