Want Fun But Need To Be Frugal? Blue Ridge City Park and Pool

Perhaps you own a second home in Blue Ridge and the grand kids are coming to visit you this weekend?  Maybe you live here full time with or without kids?  You may be vacationing here this weekend and dreaming of one day owning a home in the North Georgia Mountains?  Whatever your situation may be, we all like to look for fun, inexpensive things to do in the summer.

Something that my family enjoys is taking the kids to the Blue Ridge City Park.  If you have never had the opportunity to go or just have not been in a while, you ought to take advantage of this nice, clean setting that is offered in this community.  The park consists of several sets of swings, (for babies and toddlers also), two sets of play equipment for various age ranges, a rock climbing wall and an awesome bear carving in the middle of the playground.  All of this is surrounded by a fence, which as any caregiver of a little one knows, is a priceless commodity.

After you wear the kids out playing, enjoy the beautiful shaded picnic area.  There are several picnic tables throughout the park, as well as some grills.  There is also a nice bathroom facility nearby.  One great thing about Blue Ridge is they are serious about keeping the park area very clean.  Maybe your “baby” is that cute  little dog I just saw in the park…there are various doggie stations  placed around the park to clean up after your pet.  At least it seems like people are using them!!

After playing in the park and enjoying a nice lunch, we like to hop in the car and drive barely 5 minutes away to the city pool.   The pool is nice and clean!  They always have two lifeguards on duty that actually watch the pool instead of playing on their phone!!  My family of four joined the city pool for only $130.  I know it is late in the season to join but it is only $4 for adults and $3 for kids.  They can enjoy a full afternoon swimming, jumping off their two diving boards and sliding down their slides!  There also is designated adult swim time for those that would like some peace and quiet!  There is a covered area as well as a concession stand to enjoy.

There are multiple things to do after the pool such as eat in downtown Blue Ridge or grab an ice cream at Sisters Fudge shop!  Whatever you choose to do, you will no doubt enjoy your day in this incredible town.  I have a feeling you will love how friendly the people are too!

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