We Are Still Here!

wer are still hereMany of us are aware of how much Native American heritage our North Georgia towns have but few realize how engrained the fabric of Native American customs impact our mountains that we call home. We encourage you to attend an informative meeting on Monday, May 4th 2015 at 6 pm at Pat Haralson Civic Center and see a video and understand the purpose of We Are Still Here – Memorial.  Also hear the first hand experience from the group organizers who are bringing Muscogee & Cherokee Indian Chiefs back to North Georgia to visit their ancestors lands.

This team of caring individuals seek to preserve the heritage that our Native American brothers have set forth in this beautiful North Georgia & North Carolina areas.  Also, the memorial which will be erected in the Fall of 2015 is a reminder of their history and impact we all see every day.

From the very names of our roads like Kiutuestia, Moccasin Creek, Track Rock and many more our Indians have left their marks on this community.  Georgia’s Cherokee Indians – called Track Rock Gap – the “printed place” and it is the only remaining in situ set of petroglyphs in North Georgia which were carved sometime during the Woodland Indian era from (1000 BC to 1000 AD).

Another amazing part of Indian history lies here in Union county near the road in Track Rock Gap area where six pieces of soapstone (a form of metamorphic talc commonly called steatite), covered by metal cages to protect the soft pieces of rock from vandals and scavengers. Cars whiz past these cages, seemingly unaware of their presence and unawed by the historic nature of the place. Nearby, the old Cherokee village known to settlers as Brasstown sat for more than 300 years, but in 1838 these caretakers were forced west along the Trail of Tears.

This information is so important to remember.  For native North Georgians to newcomers alike- take this knowledge and never forget. Support the WE ARE STILL HERE MEMORIAL and be a part of this Appalachian heritage.

As Advocates for Mountain Living, The Mountain Life Team | KW Realty Partners love the history our North Georgia Mountains hold & encourage you to be a part of this amazing movement. For more information CLICK HERE.

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