Will We Have An Early Spring or Six Weeks More of Winter?

What will it be? It’s a split between the four most prominent goundhogs! Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania, PA & General Beau Lee of GA saw their dreaded shadow, predicting six more weeks of Winter.  Living in the Georgia Mountains I was instantly bummed because we’ve had a cold Winter!

Of course, other groundhogs are available.  In Canada the findings were quite different by Shubenacadie Sam who saw no shadow, predicting an early Spring. New York’s Staten Island Chuck agrees with his Canadian friend and also saw no shadow.

Who really knows about the weather?  Whether we have an early Spring or another six weeks of Winter, here in the Georgia Mountains…it’s beautiful in all the seasons and there’s something to do all year round. Happy Groundhog Day!

It’s never too early to begin finding that get-away or that primary mountain home here in North Georgia.  We can find you that home perfect for your family. Whether you’re in the market to look right now or in the future – we can help you!  Meet our knowledgeable team & we can begin your journey to North Georgia.

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