Will Federal Guidelines Speed Up Short Sales?

This is a “BIG DEAL!” Most Buyer’s and Seller’s are absolutely scared to death right now of a Short Sale agreement. Rightfully so in my opinion. These Banks and Servicing Institutions have got to get it together. I have been fortunate enough to have been apart of many Short Sale transactions that were closed in a relatively acceptable amount of time.  However on the other hand, I have had the misfortune of being party to several that have not only been an embarrassment to all parties involved, but nothing more than total aggravation and frustration. Let me give you just one example and you decide for yourself.

I currently have a Short Sale contract where I am representing the Buyer for a Cabin for Sale in Blue Ridge, GA. The contract was entered into on July 24, 2009.  The list price of the Cabin For Sale was $340,000. An agreement was reached by both parties of $300,000. After many months of sitting and waiting to hear something, anything from the Bank, we finally received a notice that they would not accept the Short Sale on the contracted price, but counter offered to use in the amount of $350,000. They highly encouraged a counter offer, of any kind from my client. So, after speaking with my client, we decided that we would counter offer $305,000 to show the Bank our good faith in the transaction. Another couple of months passed and we again finally received word from the Bank that they had yet another counter offer at a price of $389,000. I was in disbelief. Not only was this last counter offer higher than their first counter, but it was more than what was owed on the home to begin with. As a result of the ridiculous manner in which this Bank had handled this transaction, the Seller to my understanding is now filing for Bankruptcy, and will eventually lose the home through Foreclosure. I am currently searching for another property for my client.

Am I to feel sorry for these Banks? Do you?

Not sure what a Short Sale is? Click Here for a simple explanation.

I certainly hope that I haven’t ruined your day…..go out and Make it an AWESOME day!

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