Winter Curb Appeal For Your North Georgia Home!

Winter is a beautiful time of the year in North Georgia, but our yards tend to look slightly barren once the leaves fall off the trees. This is all the more true for those who are looking to sell their home or property. The real challenge lies in enhancing the curb appeal during this time because unlike spring or summer, you can’t do much with flowers or landscaping.

Try some of these helpful tips:


When in doubt, always use accessories! Even though your garden might be devoid of greenery when the temperature drops, you can still make it look nice by using sparkly, shining garden ornaments. You enhance the curb appeal, and bring in the holiday season at the same time. Although it is primitive, a post mailbox with a slightly modern touch such as a bit of painting is a good idea. You can also attach decorative house numbers on it, which makes it easier for the buyers to locate the property and adds that special touch.

Trimmed Greenery

Some plants and bushes will withstand the harsh temperature, so you can use them to give your home an fresh look. Trim the bushes and hedges neatly, so everything looks even and ready for company. Place pots of boxwoods on the patio of the front steps of the house – this will sure to please those guests.

Go Vintage

If you want to impart a classic, yet chic aura to your home, go for a hanging lantern on a post. A lantern represents the old world charm and exudes warmth that will appeal to potential sellers. Wooden lanterns are your best bet as they look authentic and vintage. For convenience you can even use a battery-operated candle inside them.


Make your home look cheerful by adding lights in the driveway. There are so many types of lighting that you can experiment with, especially those colored ones. They look extremely charming and are the ideal way to welcome people.

Now you can see how winter doesn’t stop you from enhancing curb appeal. While decorating, you might be inspired to come up with other creative options – feel free to share your “Winter Curb Appeal” ideas with The Mountain Life Team.  We’d love to hear from you!

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