Winterize Your North Georgia Home

Do you own a vacation home/second home in the North Georgia Mountains? If so, now is the time to winterize your home.  Also, most people would consider you lucky keeping in mind the soaring price of real estate in these beautiful mountains. A home in the mountains means a nice way to spend your vacations and rejuvenate your tired soul. However, it also means worrying about the safety of your home during the winters. As the temperature dips further and snow and ice becomes a reality, you need to think about winterizing your home.

Here are our tips on winterizing your North Georgia home so that it remains dry and cozy to welcome you during the summer and here’s some of our favorite vendors that can help you!

Shut off the main water supply
This is the first thing that you need to do. Shut off the main valve that supplies water to your house. Now turn on all the inside and outside faucets. Don’t forget to remove the garden hoses from the outside faucets. You need to keep the faucets open and drain all the water out to ensure that ice cannot be formed inside them and break them open.

Turn off electronic heater & Wrap pipes
Turn off electricity and drain out the electronic heater if you have one. All the pipes should be protected against getting ruptured. Wrap all the exposed pipes with insulation. It is also a good idea to unplug all the electronic devices.

Flush out all water

The toilet, bathing tubs and basins also need your attention. Flush out all the water from the toilet tank and keep it empty to prevent formation of ice. You can use a sponge to remove the excess water from the tank. For the toilet bowl, keep some water and put some anti-freeze in it. Choose a non-toxic anti-freeze. Use this in all the drains of your vacation home.

Set thermostat to a low setting

Your home in the mountains needs extra care during the winter. Set the thermostat at a low setting. Anything between 55 degrees and 62 degrees would be ok. By keeping the heater at a low temperature, you would be taking care of the electricity bill also. No one wants to go bankrupt while paying energy bills for a vacation house, right?

Most home owners in the mountains advise people to appoint a plumber to inspect the house and look for hidden cracks and openings that can cause damage to the house. Winterize plumbing lines and water heater as well by insulating plumbing lines. Winterizing a home is not difficult if you plan it well and take necessary precautions in time.

And if you’re not a North Georgia home owner but would like to be – call me – Chad Lariscy | The Mountain Life Team | 706-633-8186 and we’ll help you find that perfect place to call home!  Email [email protected]

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