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8 Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holiday Season

Don’t Kid Yourself—The Holidays are a Great Time to Sell!

There’s a common myth circulating that says Spring is the best time of year to sell your home. And it makes a limited amount of sense—the holidays are over; school will be out soon, and summer is a great time of year to move. However, there are many reasons why the holidays are actually a better time to sell your home. Let’s unpack them:

  1. Because of the myth that Spring is the best time, a lot of people won’t be selling their home during the holidays which can be good for you as a seller. Inventory will be lower versus springtime which increases your chances for a successful sale.
  2. Since winter is a more unlikely time to sell, wintertime buyers are typically more need-driven versus want-driven like they are other times of the year.
  3. Due to a smaller number of available homes for sale during the holidays, chances are you would receive more money for your home.
  4. Your home looks its best during the holidays and winter months. The warm glow of the fireplace, holiday décor, and the excitement of Christmas add to the cozy atmosphere of your home, making it far more appealing.
  5. Buyers have more time to look at homes due to schools taking holiday breaks and businesses closing for a few extra days to give employees time off.
  6. With your own time off, you’ll have more flexibility in your schedule for home showings.
  7. Statistically, January is the most popular time people move, primarily due to school calendars but also due to companies looking to transfer employees. More people move during that month than all four months of summer.
  8. Some buyers prefer to look and buy during the holidays although they don’t intend on moving until Spring. Because they have more time to look in December, many ask to negotiate a longer closing date and move-out date. Again, this works in your favor since both parties have additional time on hand during the holidays.



Listing your home during the holidays doesn’t have to cramp your holiday time with your family. With the many benefits of selling this time of year combined with the fact that your home looks its best now, selling your home during the holidays makes good sense.


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